Bolt - Construct 3 Infinite Runner Tech Demo

For Retro Platformer Jam, I decided to make a infinite runner. Having familiarized myself with Scirra's Construct 3 on my previous project, this looked like a fun challenge. The Game Jam has some basic rules like "player must navigate by walking, running, jumping, crouching, and possibly shooting or swinging weapons at enemies." features that I am unable to address given that the entire jam is for a very short time.
Either way, this project was just for fun and with no intention to be fully complete.., just playable. 
Here are some documented work in progress gifs from this Jam 

Fig 1.0 - Initial engine built with help from Construct 3's game demos. 
Learnt the following 

  • Create a scrolling background using Bullet Physics
  • Player element that always moved in X positive direction 
  • Create platforms out side the layout 
  • Create random platforms of different sizes and place them at different heights
  • Crete a score count when ever the player jumped on the platform

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Endless Play in browser
Dec 10, 2018

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