High Resolution Textures and New Assets

Changes / Updates 

  • Textures changed from 128x1024
  • Textures are completely redone so each tile has its own unique texture. This gives you the flexibility of eliminating textures that are not used
  • Two new shops - Generic Store 02, and Sushi Restaurant 
  • New Vehicles - Additional Buses, Vans, Cars 
  • Fences - 3 types 
  • Boxes - 2 types
  • Garbage Bins - 3 Types 
  • Garbage Box 
  • Updated Seamless Water Tile 
  • Updated Road Tiles 

You still have access to the legacy pack that contains 128x128 pixel textures and some of the depreciated assets. 


LEGACY_ Pixel3D_CityBuilder_DevilsWorkshop_v02_itch.zip 1 MB
May 06, 2019

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