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Thank you for your hard work, this bundle helped me smooth out my framerates in our virtual DnD Campaign.


The D10 appears to always land in-between numbers. This is because the dices are too symmetrical from top to bottom. A real D10 would have the top side rotated by half to the side.

Oh! facepalm.gif 

 I shall update this pack soon. Thanks for spotting that 

Done and done. Do tell me if this works for you - Cheers! 


Will do!

Super glad to hear that! If you need anything more in this dice pack - just leave a message here


Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is

Many thanks

done and done - thanks for reaching out 


Just what I've been looking for.


excellent! And if you need any extra props - just post a message here and I shall update this project with the same

Cheers and thanks for buying!



Thanks mate!