10+ high res textures, and unity asset pack overhaul

With this v2 updated - This pack now contains a bunch of really cool, high resolution textured assets. They make a great addition to more polished games. The following new assets are 

  • 2  new books 
  • 4 new keys 
  • 2 new shields
  • 3 new coins 
  • 1 new sword

With this update, the earlier unity package for the flat shaded set has been structurally updated to reflect current industry pipeline trends. The new set of game assets have also been organized and layed out with scenes and proper file name structures

If you have purchased this update, enjoy these new additions for free! 


Low_Poly_3D_RPG_Game_Assets_v02.unitypackage 6 MB
Jun 15, 2017
Low_Poly_3D_RPG_Game_Assets_v02.zip 5 MB
Jun 15, 2017

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