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Can you make more 

Fruits ?

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for sure! If you could post a list here, that would be super helpful


Some berries, apple, orange, kiwi, melon and some exotic fruits

I have most of the assets complete.
Can you list out the different berries, melon types, and exotic fruits you want in the next update

i cant but i need more fruits forr my game

FYI - I updated the pack with some of your suggestion - cheers!


Whats the license on these?

Things you can do - 

This license grants you, the purchases, an ongoing, non-exclusive commercial, worldwide grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non- exclusive, commercial, worldwide license to make use of the item (game asset) you have selected to make games, or interactive content. 

Things you can't do - 

You can’t re-distribute the Item as a game asset, as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files. You can’t do this with an Item either on its own or bundled with other items (such as an asset pack , or collection of item), and even if you modify the Item. You can’t re-distribute the Item as-is or with superficial modifications. These things are not allowed even if the re-distribution is for free.