A downloadable Citadel Crashers for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

The Devil's Work.shop Platformer Free 2D Game Asset Sprite pack contains one character, the heroe's 8 animation cycles. The demo cycles are idle, walk, run, slash, jump, slash + jump, hurt, death.The asset can be easily imported into Unity or an open-source game engine like Superpowers. 

Citadel Crashers is a fan based project. The assets are free and not licensed to any commercial project.

2D Specifications

  • Geometry: png 32 (with alpha transparency)
  • File Organized: Yes
  • Texture Size: 1024x1024 PNG Square pixel
  • Tried and Tested in: Unity 5+, Adobe Animate, Construct 2, Stencyl, Game Maker.

Frequently Bought Together

Best Deal


  • Free periodic updates
  • Tutorials on how to import 2D art assets into game engines
  • Only available on itch.io store
  • Professionally organized files
  • Very clean art
  • Mobile safe for Unity projects
  • Importable into Superpower (COLLADA2glTF converter)

If you like these assets, or have a specific art asset need, please do leave a comment on the store :)


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Platformer Free 2D Game Asset Sprites.zip 1 MB


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Is this practically taken from Castle Crashers but with some of the detail taken out?

No, this art  has been inspired by one of my favorite games. These sprites are free and not licensed to be used for any commercial project and is only meant to be used for personal projects. 

I like the animations, will you be making more similar to these in the future?

Yes, if there is a request - Id be happy to update this pack with new animated demos 

Hello, thanks for your reply. Is it possible you could do one of animals like birds?

Should be relatively easy to do 
What animated cycles would you like the bird to have ? 

I would like it to have flying, upwards and downward swoop motions if possible. Thanks.