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This is exactly what I needed, thank you so much <3

Im glad you like these! Do leave a message here if you have a wish list Cheers

hi how can i create the black lines between cubes like the island image? thanks


Assuming you are referring to this image -

Most 3D applications handle cell shading with outlines. I believe in Unity there are shaders to create outlines ref: Unreal:

oh i really thank you <3

Can I use it on my platform game

Yes you may! Do share your work in progress by replying to this post - cheers!

Your description and your “More Information” metadata have fallen out of sync.

The description says CC0 but the metadata says CC-BY 4.0 International.

Would you mind fixing that?

Looks promising. Tried it on UE4, and I could see how it's going to be useful.

Some feedbacks:
- UV maps weren't aligned perfectly. There are white lines on vertical edges of the block. (
- Some surfaces have non-uniform edges which create undesirable pattern. (
- Textures are a bit too small for the block size. I think 256x256 (or higher) would be fine since they're going to be instanced and can be scaled down if needed.

Keep it up!

Ah thanks for the detailed feedback. The images in the screenshot look anti-aliased. I've tested this in Unity and I'm certain these settings exist in Unreal too. 

- #1 The image looks crisp if the image compression is set to 'none'.  If there is a Resize Algorithm - set that too Bilinear or any thing lower for very clear art. If there is a Filter Mode - set that to 'Point' or 'No Filter'
Doing all these will make those images clean, and the UV lines will stick within it's defined area. 
- #2 I'll consider a second pass on the texture to make the pattern more repeatable for the water.
- #3 - refer 1 


Great work, thanks very much!

Thanks! I hope you find these very useful :)