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The description points CC0 license but metadata says it is CCBY4. So what is the license?

and for the third time, thanks for spotting that - corrected and updated. License is CC0


thoses cubes are so nicely textured 



Thanks for your assets.

this looks like a ton of fun! Thank you for posting this video :)


This is exactly what I needed, thank you so much <3

Im glad you like these! Do leave a message here if you have a wish list Cheers

hi how can i create the black lines between cubes like the island image? thanks


Assuming you are referring to this image -

Most 3D applications handle cell shading with outlines. I believe in Unity there are shaders to create outlines ref: Unreal:

oh i really thank you <3

Can I use it on my platform game

Yes you may! Do share your work in progress by replying to this post - cheers!

Your description and your “More Information” metadata have fallen out of sync.

The description says CC0 but the metadata says CC-BY 4.0 International.

Would you mind fixing that?

Deleted post

Ah thanks for the detailed feedback. The images in the screenshot look anti-aliased. I've tested this in Unity and I'm certain these settings exist in Unreal too. 

- #1 The image looks crisp if the image compression is set to 'none'.  If there is a Resize Algorithm - set that too Bilinear or any thing lower for very clear art. If there is a Filter Mode - set that to 'Point' or 'No Filter'
Doing all these will make those images clean, and the UV lines will stick within it's defined area. 
- #2 I'll consider a second pass on the texture to make the pattern more repeatable for the water.
- #3 - refer 1 


Great work, thanks very much!

Thanks! I hope you find these very useful :)