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Asalam o Alaikum  "peace be upon you"

How are you?

We are about to make a co-op Bundle. So Would you like to take part in it?

Alaikum Assalam to you GameChef. Id definitely consider this. Can you give me more information about this co-op bundle? Things like - What do you intend to get out of this co-op? who are you teaming up with, what is the commission splits?

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walaikum asalam 

co-op bundles are good ways to earn even of you are indie developer with few following.  few days back we have made a  co-op bundle and here is the result 😄

we talked to some people on and 3 of them agreed so if you are interested then tell us ok😊

commission will be equal split

We are about to make a bundle. Do you want to join ? it would be fun

Ill join you guys on the next one! Keep me posted thanks



I really like these and purchased them, but I can't convert them to .dae ... All the converters tell me there is something wrong with the files... Could you include the Colldae files by any chance?

Thanks for purchasing this Vehicle Asset Pack. I shall definitely do that! I have managed to export a set of .DAE files for the truck, but need to test this a bit more. Can you do me a favor and download this zip file and tell me if it work 
BTW which framework/engine are you using to import these .DAE files? I might have to get a copy to further test all those exported files 

Hello Devil,

 thank you for helping me! I just tried to download the file from the link, but I guess I took to long as It wasn't t available anymore...

I use SceneKit btw.  

Hmm, try this link please 
If this also does not work,  email me at help(at) 

 Is there any chance for a low poly train pack? I love your work and would love to see more!

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Hey Harrk,
Glad you like these assets!  Ah, I've been working on and off on this theme. If you are interested in seeing / testing some early development assets - shoot me a message at -


Sent an email over. I’d love to see what you have in progress! Keep up your awesome work :D

Thank Harrk!