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Match 3 Unity game by Nikola Berovic

Hello DevilsWork.  I hope, you do not mind that I use these sprites in my game. Thanks for your work.

I’m glad that you did

Post a link here once you have published your game - cheers 


I will definitely do it. I wish you good luck in your future work

Awesome assets! I will use these in my little tutorial about Unity's Project Tiny.

thank you and glad to hear that! If you are on twitter and have posted your tutorial,tag me and I shall retweet it 

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Added to checklist! yet it might take a while :)


May I use this asset for a game my team is creating? Will credit you of course :)

Absolutely! Have fun! Post some updates here too - cheers


Thank you! :)

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We've release the game! I added you to the credits :)


Hello, Can i use for my youtube game tutorial.

Yes, definitely! Keep me posted on your video development - cheers 


I published first video.  I mentioned you. Thank you again.

Thank you for that excellent review! My friend who is Turkish had translated your video for me :)


May I upload match 3 games in using this assets? Thanks :)

absolutely :D 

and feel free to host it anywhere you want! Cheers 

Thanks :) Check

Wow, sweet ! nice work dude


what license is covering this pack?

Thanks for asking Kirosu3 - The license follows Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 
This means you as an end user are free to make adaptations of this works to be shared in any way, and these works can be used commercially as long as it's attributed to me.