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Missile Defense Game Asset Pack is created for Missile Command Throwback Game Jam
This Project is a work in progress. The project files will be constantly be updated till the start of the game jam and may have a few small updates during or after the jam as completed. 

Making your first missile defense game? Then you've come to the right place - 'follow' this project game development to see more updates for Missile Defense!

The Devil's Work.shop Missile Defense 2D game asset pack is a complete pack with 5 unique cities, missiles , anti-missiles, background art and effects. The pack also contains preview images to the game scene setup, animated gif demoing how the missile moves, and explosion demos.

These assets can be easily imported into any 2D game engine ( Construct 3, Stencyl, Game Salad, Game Maker Studio, GoDot etc) or Unity or an open-source game engine like Superpowers

2D Asset Specifications

  • Format: PNG transparent
  • Texture Format: PNG Sequences
  • Tried and Tested in: Construct 2, Game Maker, and Unity 3D

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Note: We have dropped support for Roblox based projects

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