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The Devil's Work.shop asset pack contains one hero, with 6 animation cycles for various actions. The pack also comes with 4 enemy types with a bunch of animation cycles, a hand full of props, and layered background art. Not to forget the UI kit with 9 slice buttons, HUD elements, and game over title. The asset can be easily imported into Unity or an open-source game engine like Superpowers. These assets were originally made for 32nd Ludum Dare, and now it's free available for your hop-and-bop side-scroll project. The assets are free and not licensed to any commercial project.

2D Specifications

  • Geometry: png 32 (with alpha transparency)
  • File / Folders Organized: Yes
  • Texture Size: varying PNG images
  • Tried and Tested in: Unity 5+, Adobe Animate, Construct 2, Stencyl, Game Maker.

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  • Free periodic updates
  • Tutorials on how to import 2D art assets into game engines
  • Only available on itch.io store
  • Professionally organized files
  • Mobile safe for Unity projects
  • Importable into Superpower

How do I use it?

.png files can be imported as an image sequence into most game engines. List of game engines that import png sequence files. Links to the

If you like these assets, or have a specific art asset need, please do leave a comment on the store :)


Note: We have dropped support for Roblox based projects

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apple_a_day_DevilsWorkShop_v1.2.zip 3 MB

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Love the art! I started working on a little game using the pack. I should have more soon and something to play before too long.

This is so dayum cool! Love the mechanics 
If you are missing out on some new assets - just post your request here and I shall update the pack with them 



I would love to be able to add multiple apple types like an explosive apple or a robot apple with matching outfits or hats for the hero. I am thinking of putting the projectile dr. on a car launching apples as he drives by and i still need to add the flying enemy. I am not much of an artist so anything you can add would be amazing! If you can think of something you would like to see in the game i would love to add it!

Your game demo is coming along really good :thumbsup.gif 
Grab the new build - It should have some of the new assets you had requested and more


I Love the new art! I should have something to play this month, probably by next week or so. I am able to focus some time this month! here is where we are.

excellent! looking forward to it